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Mick’s Story

This is a story of one family’s struggles by a mother; a fictitious name is being used. Mick used Heroin for over 5 years and it was literally exhausting for me. I never gave up on him. I knew that this was not the real Mick. I knew Mick was an addict. I wanted my […]

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Jake’s Story

Jake was born in February of 1992.  When his parents brought him home from the hospital on that frosty winter day, there was a big, beautiful rainbow across the sky.  His mom told Jake that rainbow was just for him and that it meant he was truly something special.  Turns out, she was right.  As […]

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Charlie’s Story

Hi, my name is Charlie and I am an addict and this is my story. I was 14 when I was introduced to drugs, before that I was an innocent kid with hopes and dreams which none of them included being a HEROIN addict at the age of 16. in fact I was against drugs […]

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