Board of Directors:
Michelle Anderson
Monica Falk
Joelle Allord
Jillian Ringer
Heidi Clark
Kim Pearson
Dawn Abraham
Jennifer Semler
Executive Committee

Chair: Michelle Anderson
Contact: Michelle Anderson

Co-Chair: Monica Falk
Contact: Monica Falk

Secretary: Joelle Allord
Contact: Joelle Allord

Treasurer: Jillian Ringer
Contact: Jillian Ringer

*The SFCDA holds elections each year during their annual meeting in October. The SFCDA will post available positions and nomination forms when positions become available.

Committee Directors

Director of Fundraising
Contact: Joelle Allord

Director of Finance
Heidi Clark

Director of Community Programs
Cynthia Opp

Director of Marketing
Shelly Bromen

Director of Youth Programs
Monica Falk

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 256
St. Francis, MN 55070

Donation Inquiries:
Jillian Ringer
See Our Donation Page
Volunteer Inquiries:
Joelle Allord
See Our Volunteer Page
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St. Francis Police Department: 763-267-6199

St. Francis High School: 763-213-1665

St. Francis Middle School: 763-213-8600

Emergency: 911